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2 Sizes Pack - Double-Side Hair Remover Brush

2 Sizes Pack - Double-Side Hair Remover Brush

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  • EASY TO USE: The hair remover helps you cleaning of fur balls, lint and animal hair shed in your living spaces. These pet hair remover kit saves you the stress of expensive refills while cutting out costs in time and energy spent using alternative fur cleaners.

  • SELF CLEANING BRUSH: The pet hair lint brush works by picking up the shed pet hair allowing it to be extracted through the base of the main brush into a trash collector bin making the cleaning process smooth and hassle-free. Buy this bundle to enjoy the sunny side of pet hair removal.

  • Reusable & Economic: You waste sheet after sheet using a standard tape lint rollers for pet hair. When you use this product, you’ll never spend money on another refill again.

  • What You Get: 1 x double-side hair remover brush with self-cleaning base, + bonus 1 x travel hair remover for free (has all the features of the standard size)
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